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Purple and yellow Vampire Crab


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Vampire Crab (01:06)
Geosesarma sp. "Vampire"Tank build log !http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php/60559-My-50cm-paludarium-like-tank-mini-journal
  • Vampire Crab
    Geosesarma sp. "Vampire"Tank build log !http://www.aquaticquot...
  • Vampire crab h...
    Vampire crab (Geosesarma sp. "vampire" ) hunting down a cricket.
  • Vampire Crab
    One of our new vampire crabs eating fruit flies.

Product Description

Temperature Range: 70 – 80 F.
PH: 7.5-8.5
Diet:   Omnivore
Habitat:   Freshwater and terrestrial
Life Span:  2-3 years
Species:  Geosesarma aristocratensisSize:  up to 1”

Vampire Crab History
Vampire crabs originate from Southeast Asia, and they are mostly terrestrial, living in forests and near rivers. They are relatively new to hobby aquariums, having only been around a few years. . Vampire crabs are also called carnival crabs and panther crabs. They are a very unusual looking crab and make a great addition to an aquarium. They are about an inch wide, and with legs spread, they are a total of about 2 ½.” Their legs and carapace are blue or reddish and their fronts are a slight purple in color, as are their pincers. Some vampire crabs have lighter colored spots on their back ends. Most have bright orange eyes, but some vampire crabs have red eyes. The females have a wider abdomen than males have.

Vampire Crab Care
Vampire crabs do well in an aquarium with plenty of rocks and pieces of wood for them to climb and sit on. They also like Java moss, in addition to a sandy substrate, and the females will dig down in the moss when having her offspring. They need aproximately 50% land mass as they need to be able to get out of the water. The water temperature should remain in the 70s (F.) and they are more active in warmer water. Five or six vampire crabs will fit and reside comfortably in a 10-gallon tank, and they are non-aggressive with each other. They can have shrimp and larger snails as tank mates. Although new to aquariums, they seem are hardy and easy to care for and they are sociable.

Vampire Crab Diet
Vampire crabs are omnivore, but they aren’t very active in their search for food; they will just eat whatever is nearby. They will eat both in and out of the water, and will help keep the tank free of organic matter. In addition to the organic matter, vampire crabs will eat most anything. It is a good idea to vary their diet, and they will eat small crickets, brine shrimp and earthworm pieces, in addition to other meats. They will also eat most any kind of dried algae, fish flakes or pellets, and dried or fresh vegetables.

Vampire Crab Molting And Reproducing
Vampire crabs will molt about once a year, and they will dig down in the substrate to molt. The process takes several weeks, and can be done in completely freshwater. Breeding also occurs in freshwater, unlike most crabs. The vampire crab does not need to be in water to reproduce. The female vampire crab will carry many large eggs for several weeks. When the eggs hatch, the offspring appear as miniature adults; there is no larval stage.

Vampire Crab Behavior
Vampire crabs are sociable, and get along well with each other. Additional tank mates can include shrimp and larger snails; smaller snails are at risk of being eaten. They aren’t especially active; vampire crabs tend to find a place where they like to sit and stay there for long periods of time. They have a striking appearance, however, and look great in aquariums.

Special Notes
Vampire crabs easy to keep, and do not need salt water to breed or molt in. They can also be puple and red especially when young. Their unusual appearance makes them an interesting choice for an aquarium.

 We strongly reccomend fedex next day as they can be fragile to ship.

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Product Reviews

  1. Vampire Crab. 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2016

    I ordered two vampire crabs, the delivery was very fast, I got the crabs within 24 hours. I put both of them into my custom habitat. I has been 24 hours since they have been inside the habitat. I just got home from work and one of them is dead While the other one is perfectly fine and looking healthy.

    I spent roughly 117 dollars Canadian after shipping/handling and dollar exchange rate. I am just bummed out spending so much on a beautiful dead creature. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the longevity of the one vampire crab I have left.

    Could the owner of the website please make notes as to when the season for stocking up on vampire crabs is? Also Please look into selling mass quantity of vampire crabs to "Big als" fish superstore in Ottawa ,Ontario. OR any Canadian retailer.

    As for the vampire crab it self. Stunning creatures with amazing colour and characteristics. Depending on if my one guy lives, I would totally consider buying more. maybe 10 just in case of more casualties.

  2. Amazing crabs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd May 2015

    Really lovely small creatures .. they do best in the vivarium .. and the high quality products make me feel very happy and aspire to make new orders with Elite Inverts in the future
    Thanks for all

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