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S / S+ Crystal Black Shrimp - (qty 8)


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Product Description

PH range: 6.2 – 6.9
Temperature: 71-76 F.
Hardness: 1 – 5 dkh
Diet: Omnivorous 
Size:  1” – 2” 
Life Span:  1 – 2 years
Habitat:  Fully Aquatic

Crystal Black Shrimp comes from one ancestor, the Bee Shrimp. It originated in Southeast Asia, where the first selective breeding took place. After selective breeding practices, the Crystal Black Shrimp, also known as Black Bee, was separated from the Crystal Red Shrimp in order to keep its color black. That is why the Crystal Black and the Crystal Red Shrimp is not found in nature. Crystal red and black will interbreed if left together, diluting the color patterns. Color and pattern are not a random act but attained only through careful separation, selection and breeding. Within some species of shrimp like the Crystal black or red a grading system is used to refer to color patterns and clarity. The highest grade for this is the SSS and the lowest is a grade of C. It is important to understand these are based solely on rarity of color pattern and type not health. The Crystal Black Shrimp is happiest in water that is just a touch cooler than tropical temperatures. They spend their time moving through plants, wood and nooks within the aquarium. They are constantly nibbling on algae and plant growth. These shrimp are highly sensitive and demand a little extra care to keep them healthy. Tank size should be adequate for their roaming movements. It is recommended that you employ reverse osmosis to control the pH in the aquarium. Additionally, many breeders will suggest twice weekly water changes of about ¼ of your tank. Since Crystal Black Shrimp are omnivorous, they eat almost anything you will give them. Fish food flakes or algae wafers are quite acceptable. At times, you may supplement their diet by tiny bits of blanched vegetables and spinach. It is important to not overfeed as it will contaminate the tank. Feed only what the shrimps can eat in two or three hours and once daily. Crystal Black Shrimp breed fairly easily under the right conditions. There are very few and subtle differences between male and female Crystal Black Shrimp. Sex can best be determined after the female is already pregnant because then you can see the thicker abdomen. The female is a little larger than the male in general. The only time the female can breed is right after she has molted. Only at that time are her breeding parts available to the male. Eggs hatch in 20 – 30 days. This is a very non-aggressive type of shrimp. It gets along well with other shrimp. However, if you want to keep this color strain pure, you should keep the Crystal Black Shrimp in a separate aquarium because they will inter-breed with other shrimp. They are very active in general. Because of their beautiful color pattern, they can be quite impressive when swimming closely together or feeding in groups. Because of the small gene pool these shrimp come from they are very sensitive and need stable conditions.  Be sure to keep up on water changes and keep nitrate, copper and ammonia out of the water. They do require more attention than other shrimp. Keep them healthy by keeping anything detrimental away from their tank.


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  1. Love these shrimp! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2017

    I ordered an 8 pack of Crystal Black Shrimp, and what I got was an 8 pack of gorgeous shrimp. They arrived very alive and healthy.Great experience, ready to order again!

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