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APB Pure Line Crystal Red Shrimp - (5)


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APB Pure Red Line from Alpha Pro Breeders (00:55)
APB Pure Red Line from Alpha Pro Breeders eating BorneoWild Barley
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    APB Pure Red Line from Alpha Pro Breeders eating BorneoWild Ba...

Product Description

PH range:   6.2 – 6.9
Hardness:GH 4-6 and KH 0-2
Temperature:  71 – 76 F.
Life Span:      1 – 2 Years
Size:   .75-1’
Diet:  Omnivorous
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

APB Pure Line Reds have never had any golden shrimp mixed with them. This increases the shell density and brightness of the shrimp. These are stunners you are sure to be pleased!!!!

young 1/4"

Both the Crystal Red and Crystal Black came from the selective breeding of the Bee Shrimp. Through countless hours different hobbyists have created a grading system for their patterns. It is a species that is popular among new breeders and experienced alike. Though there is no ‘official’ guide for grading, breeders and hobbyist tend to agree on terms and labels attached to different morphs according to their patterns, the color density and clarity. The SS Crystal Black is the highest grade of the Crystal Black you can get and is still the most sought after of these morphs. Because of their selective breeding these shrimp are particularly sensitive to nitrites and ammonia so being sure to introduce them to a fully cycled tank that is free of these is critical. Additionally, make sure that you set a good filtration system up that has a sponge protecting the young from getting into the filter and killed.  They enjoy live plants and plenty of driftwood or rock to climb on. Shrimp are scavengers and because of this they will move about the tank socially eating the algae growing on different items in the tank. They will also enjoy a wide range of blanched vegetables, quality shrimp pellets and algae wafers. Feed with a light hand as over feeding your shrimp is a known cause of death. One of the fun reasons to breed Crystal Black Shrimp is that they can be as easy or as difficult as you care to make it. The SSS Crystal Black Shrimp will breed readily, though the higher grades are a little more difficult to get consistent results and patterns you’re hoping for. It’s a fun morph to breed because of all the intriguing patterns you will find.  These are an active, social shrimp that are fun to watch swimming and eating the algae in your tank. They will be a little shy when you first introduce them to a new aquarium, then they will become quite active after a while. Be sure to have a fully cycled tank as these higher grade SS Crystal Black Shrimp are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrites. A Good filter and frequent, 25% water changes are a must. These higher grade SSS Crystal Black Shrimp are even more sensitive than the strains and species derived from a wider gene pool. Nitrites and ammonia in particular are harmful so keep up on water changes. In addition you will want to make sure keep all copper out of your tank. This may travel in with medications and snail removal can also be toxic.

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Product Reviews

  1. True Color 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2019

    Great color even in low light, worth the price. I have bought shrimp in San Francisco, Japan and Seattle with some crystal shrimp having a yellowish color from, while these shrimp are some of the best color I have viewed. Some true color shrimp are inbred, yet these are active and reproduced within weeks after putting them in a high flow planted tank. If you want shrimp that look better than pictured, then buy these and not hope and guess like on other online stores, Ty

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