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Bamboo Shrimp - (3)


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  • Bamboo Shrimp
    A healthy bamboo shrimp (atyopsis moluccensis) sits and filter...
  • Bamboo Shrimp
    3 Bamboo Shrimp in a 20 gal extra high planted tank.

Product Description

PH Range: 6.5-7.5
Temperature Range: 73-82F
Hardness Range:3-10 dkh
Life Span: 1 - 2  Years
Size: 2.7-3.9
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat: Fully Aquatic

Bamboo Shrimp is originally from Southern Asia where it is considered to be a very valuable food source. In recent times Bamboo Shrimp has made its way to American aquariums. Although it is not as difficult to get Bamboo Shrimp as it was a few years ago, they are still not as common as others. There are some specific things that you need to do in order to care for Bamboo Shrimp like a steady current which is necessary as they are filter feeders. Although Bamboo Shrimp prefer a higher PH in their water parameters, they are very adaptable to different conditions. A specialized source of food is required for the Bamboo Shrimp as they are filter feeders. If you have an aquarium that is well established you may not require supplemental feedings because they will filter enough from your filter flow. If you do need supplemental feedings however, it is recommended that you use foods which are made for filter feeding invertebrates such as powdered algae. It has been difficult to breed Bamboo Shrimp in aquariums. They reproduce in a different manner when compared to other shrimp. The main difference is that when they hatch, they do so as larva and not as a smaller version of the larger shrimp, and brackish or salt water is needed for the larva to successfully grow. Not much information is available about the breeding of Bamboo Shrimp, especially in captivity conditions. This is partly due to the fact that the majority of these shrimp being purchased by hobbyists are wild caught, creating higher mortality rates when they are brought to freshwater breeding situations. The type of behavior that you want to see in healthy Bamboo Shrimp is staying in close proximity to high flow areas of the aquarium as it will be filtering food from its surroundings. Bamboo Shrimp can stay in one position for several hours and that is considered normal. Stressful behavior can be observed when the shrimp goes into hiding or a shrimp that picks at the substrate. This type of behavior should be avoided because it often means your Bamboo Shrimp isn’t getting enough food. You should never medicate the aquarium which contains Bamboo Shrimp because a lot of the meds used today have high levels of copper which is toxic to the shrimp. Make sure that as you bring your shrimp home you give them a good food source (especially if you’ve noticed they are picking at the substrate) as it is normal for these filter feeders to arrive quite hungry.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great shrimps! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2014

    I thought they would be smaller but they are big! and I happy with purchase they arrived in good condition and now they are the kings of my planted tank.

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