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Black Horned Nerite Snail - (4)


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Product Description

PH range 7.5-8
Hardness:5-15 Dkh
Temperature:  65-85
Life Span:      1-2 years
Size: .75”   
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

Also called the clithon corona, this Nerite Snail is marked by the rich black shell and prominent horns that can even use to poke a humans finger if it gets gripped to tight.  They are excellent at cleaning a tank of algae without harming your live plants. Like many of the Nerite family, these snails may need an additional food source once they have cleared away your algae and biofilm.  Be sure when you are placing them in your tank to do so with their shells facing down or they will not be able to turn over and they will die. It’s often recommended to keep them in a tank with a lid as they will venture out and will dry up and die if not found. They won’t eat your live plants and will climb the sides of your tank, large rocks and even the leafs of your plants as they are a lightweight snail. The Black Horned Nerite will eat dead plant material, fish waste, algae and other tank debris while leaving your live plants alone. They are best only placed in a well-established tank because they will need the growth to feed off of. You will most likely still need to supplement their diet with algae wafers and similar food. They also do better when they receive a fair amount of calcium as it will help them to grow strong shells. This can be found in foods and in supplements. Many people like these snails because they will not breed in their freshwater tank. The Black Horned Nerite needs brackish water for breeding. This makes it a safe snail to bring into your tank as part of the clean-up crew without worrying about overpopulation. Because these snails are considered a tidal snail they may escape your tank. If they do this on a regular basis you may want to check your tank and care because they may be missing something, perhaps with their diet. Copper is lethal to snails and is found in many water treatments and medications so be wary to get only snail safe treatments.

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