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Product Description

PH Range: 5.8-6.6
Temperature Range:68-72 F 
Hardness Range:1-2 dkh
Life Span: 1 - 2  Years
Size: 1" - 2"
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat: Fully Aquatic

Aprox. 1/2" in size when shipped.

If you are looking for a shrimp that is unique, then you will be thrilled with the Black King Kong Shrimp. Part of the reason why this shrimp is hard to find is that it does not have a very high offspring survival rate. It is also not the easiest shrimp to keep, so beginners should not jump into the hobby with this species first. Like the high grades of both the Crystal Red and Black Shrimp they can be extremely delicate due to their limited gene pool. The good news is that the species is getting stronger through selective breeding with Taiwan and normal Bee Shrimp which will eventually make them easier to keep. Breeding of Black King Kong Shrimp can be very lucrative when managed well by an experienced hobbyist. In 2009 a pair sold for $8500.00 but the price has dropped to a mere fraction making them more reasonable for the experienced breeder. 

The origin of the Black King Kong Shrimp is not as clear as it is with other shrimp. There are a few theories that a mutation from the Snow White Bee Shrimp is probable. There are however, breeders that believe the shrimp came from complicated cross breeding of Black, Red and Blue Bee Shrimp.

Because of the breeding difficulties it is not easy to establish parameters. Most breeders recommend a 25 gallon tank as a minimum because it is easier to control the parameters on larger tanks. Extremes in parameters will result in Black King Kong Shrimp so should be monitored frequently.  These shrimp tend to do better with cooler water and perhaps that is because these temps are less favorable for pathogens and bacteria.  Using the best possible filter system, often more than one filtration system, is also recommended as you cannot take too much care with their water. Black King Kong Shrimp will not be as easy to feed as others as they tend to be pickier. Vegetarian Shrimp Food (high grade) and blanched spinach are favored. Variety in their diet is good but as with all shrimp caution should be taken to not over feed. Feed just enough they can finish within a couple of hours.  Younger shrimp need more calcium so freeze dried copepods should be fed to them. Black King Kong Shrimp can be bred with several species of shrimp including Panda, Shadow Pandas, Wine reds, Mischling, Blue Bolts and others. Other species are also a possibility but there is not much information on the results of these crosses. Survival rates can be anything between ten and a hundred percent with the higher number being less likely. Hybrids are recommended for a higher survival rate unless you know the breeder and how strong their lines are. 

Sexing Black King Kong Shrimp early on is rather difficult, and it remains so until after maturity. Eggs are also hard to spot so special attention is needed. Sexual identification is done after maturity by using the shape and size of the shrimp as reference. Females have a more rounded undercarriage than the males and are also larger. Though these shrimp are not aggressive many don’t recommend you keep them with other shrimp varieties as you may get hybrids you do not want. They are active and social like many of the other dwarf varieties, moving about the tank scavenging when they have acclimated.  Because of the delicate nature of the Black King Kong Shrimp it is often recommended that you ship them priority overnight with Fedex and limited quantities.  Be very careful about treating your tanks with any medications as copper is toxic to Dwarf Shrimp.

Were $89.00 each and now $39.99 for 2!!!!!!! Huge Limited time sale on these sought after shrimp Buy 1 get 1 FREE These will have 1 stripe to multi stripes on their backs


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