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Black Brush Rabbit Snail - (3)


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Product Description

PH range 7.5-8
Hardness:5-15 Dkh
Temperature: 65-80F 
Life Span:   1.5-2 years   
Size:   1 inch
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

Another one of the interesting snails that hails from the freshwater Sulawesi lakes in Indonesia, the Black Rabbit Snails are quite adaptable and are very capable of cleaning your tank of excess plant and food debris.  They are found in the Poso Lake and Malili Lake systems in the wild. Snails like to feed off of fish waste, debris and algae build up so do well in an already established tank. They also don’t fare well when the nitrites and ammonia are too high so tanks more than a few months old are recommended.  Some keepers have reported that hungry Rabbit Snails will eat your live plants so be prepared to supplement their diet or watch what you’re growing in the tank. The Black Rabbit Snail is no different than the rest of the snails from the Sulawesi lakes in that it has a healthy appetite. It will clean up any leftover food, algae, biofilm, dead plant matter and fish waste. In addition to this it’s a good idea to supplement with algae wafers; shrimp pellets and others designed for bottom feeders and blanched vegetables. Most will also recommend you add calcium to the water in the form of supplements, cuttlebones or corals so that their shells will grow strong and well formed. Black Rabbit Snails will breed in captivity but not at the rate fast enough to become a pest. If you want to breed yours it’s suggested to buy a small group of four to six of them because you can’t tell the males from the females. The female, once bred will gestate the egg in her uterus until it is fully formed and deliver it. Within moments it dissolves to expose a fully functional miniature version of the adults that is capable of moving and scavenging on its own.  At its high point in productivity you may expect to see a dozen or so every few months. An entertaining snail to watch, the Black Rabbit uses is foot to move around the tank one inch at a time cleaning its surface of biofilm and algae. If you want to keep yours breeding you will keep the water on the warmer side and provide plenty of items for hiding places. Many breeders also suggest keeping a top on the tank as with other snails because they may climb out. When keeping snails you will want to make sure you have water that is free of copper. This metal is lethal to snails and can be brought in through many medications you may treat your tank with.

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