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Shipping update 01/18/21


****Due to USPS and FedEx rise in delays and lost packages, shipping will be at our discretion. Expect packages to ship on the following Monday or Tuesday depending on the contents of your order and shipping preferences, destination, etc. ****


Shipping will resume Monday January 4th

The USPS has a limited staff right now and we are seeing to many delays to ship priority mail until after the first of the year. There has been a lot of issues with shipping due to holidays on top of the Covid delays.I have been advised by local FedEx that no guarantee for refunds [...]

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the usps has a limited staff right now and we are seeing to many delays to ship priority mail until after the first of the year. 

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shipping update 9/4/2020

during covid 19 post office has been experiencing random delays so we will no longer be priority mail on Wednesday. Orders received on Wednesday will ship the following Monday. Thank you for your continued support!

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Severe weather 1-28-19

Due to extreme cold in Ohio this week (negative temperature lows) we won't be shipping anything live. Our goal is for you to receive the best experience, luckily the way we pack for winter we don't have to do this very often. Next Monday we should start our normal shipping schedule again.Thank you for your [...]

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11-20-18 Thanksgiving shipping schedule

11-20-18 For live items FedEx next day shipping will be done today, all other shipping methods will go out on Monday. Just no reason to have them stuck in transport for extra days! Supplies will ship as normal.

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11/25/17 Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale!!!!

Shrimp SALE from USA largest producer of tank raise shrimp All Tank Raised USA Bred Shrimp! 8 + 3 Free orange Sakura for $49.99 4 +2 Free Blue Bolts for $49.99 8 + 2 Free mixed shrimp for $19.99Just leave a note in the comment section to send your free shrimp:)

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3-13-17 Winter storm in the north east

Due to the severity predicted of this storm we won't be shipping to the North East until it starts to clear up, hopefuly just a few days.

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Shipping 1/18/2016

We won't be shipping today due to extreme cold in Ohio, were hoping to be back to normal shipping on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding.

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2015

!0% Off store wide sale!!!!!! Good through 11-30-2015 just apply coupon code BF SALE for your discount.We are truly thankful for your wonderful support of us:)

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