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Aquarium Freshwater Shrimp - Things Come In Small Packages

Water quality is an ongoing concern for aquarium owners. Aquarium freshwater shrimp are incredibly efficient scavengers and good at finding the tiniest morsel of food in the sand. It's as if you hired a miniature maid to clean your aquarium! You can readily obtain aquarium freshwater shrimp from merchants in the aquarium trade. The diversity is [...]

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No Aquarium Is Complete Without An Aquarium Snail

Keeping an aquarium can be tedious work, especially if you don’t take a moment to consider adding animals that will help keep your tank maintained. One wonderful addition is the aquarium snail which helps keep your aquarium clean of excess food and algae growth. They are quite lovely to watch as they move around the [...]

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Beautify Your Tank With Aquarium Crabs

There are at least two great reasons for adding aquarium crabs to your tank. Crabs help to maintain water quality and they are fascinating to watch. Crabs are scavengers; they eat dead and decaying organic matter including dyeing plants. When you spill too much fish feed into your aquarium the crabs will help you out [...]

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Algae-Eating Shrimp Can Turn Your Aquarium Into A Self-Cleaning Unit

An aquarium is a delightful addition to any home. These lovely tanks can provide a relaxing alternative to television or loud music. The peaceful gurgling of oxygen being added to the water, the gentle movement of plants and the colorful fish can help relax the most troubled mind.  The curse of any aquarist is the algae [...]

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The Blue Lobster Crayfish Is Not A Lobster

The Blue Lobster Crayfish is an attractive and fascinating addition to any freshwater aquarium. Looking similar to a lobster but blue in color, there is nothing else quite like it. Their color can vary from a dullish white to a bright turquoise blue or a dark navy blue. They crawl along the bottom of the [...]

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Is Breeding Crayfish At Home Simple?

With all invertebrates you will need to have a well-established tank with clean water free of ammonias and nitrites. To start breeding crayfish at home you will also need to identify males from females to make sure you have one of each. The male’s claws are larger and longer than the female’s which are shorter [...]

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