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Breeding Shrimp Can Be Fun For The Whole Family


When thinking about breeding shrimp you will find there are some varieties that are quite simple to breed. It can be so rewarding for the whole family to see all the babies swimming around in the aquarium. All you have to do is make sure you have a male and a female and the right conditions in the tank and you are all set to go. For the family to enjoy the experience you would want to start with some of the less sensitive breeds such as the Cherry Shrimp. Others, such as the Panda Shrimp are expensive and can be more affected by water quality and temperature and many of the shrimp will end up dying off which wouldn’t be as much fun for children.

Breeding ShrimpWater quality is most important component for breeding shrimp. You want to keep the temperature ideally between 71 and 76 degrees, depending on your species. The water must also be ammonia and nitrite free. Many people will use a mix of bottled water and tap water as the shrimp need some minerals but not too many, especially no copper which is lethal. There are many conditioners on the market to help get your water where it needs to be, such as; Mosura Rich Water, Mosura TDS Up or BorneoWild GH up. Mosura Gravidas

The shrimp also need a pleasing environment which means plants and other items to swim around and through. There are many items sold that are especially safe for aquariums that children enjoy like castles and tunnels but many recommend live plants. When breeding shrimp you also want to pay attention to their diet. They will eat algae and other plants in the tank but you want to give them a variety and supplement their diet with blanched greens and Fluval Shrimp Pellets.

The male is usually smaller than the female and when mature she will have a sack in her belly where she has her eggs. After her first molt, she is ready to mate. Gestation is normally three to four weeks and then the babies are swimming around the tank. Once you have tried some of the hardier species you may turn your eyes toward the rewarding Crystal Red Shrimp.