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Cherry Shrimp Breeding Is Easy For Even A Novice Aquarium Owner


Red Cherry ShrimpCherry shrimp breeding is simple as long as the environment for them is healthy. They will do all the work. After you’ve insured you have a healthy aquarium you must make sure you have both a mature male and female. They mature by about 6 months and are ready to mate as soon as the female has had her first molt. Cherry shrimp males are slightly smaller than the females and not as bright in color. Females have a longer more rounded tail and they have a large clear area shaped like a saddle under their back where you can see the eggs developing in their ovaries.

Now that you have a male and female, you want to make sure the aquarium conditions are favorable for Cherry shrimp breeding. They are not as particular as some shrimp, such as the Crystal Black or King Kong so you should have success right away.Cherry Red Shrimp Breeding

As with many other fish you don’t want nitrites or ammonia in the water and you don’t want the water too low in minerals. You can use bottled water mixed with tap water if you are unsure of your water quality. You may also try conditioners such as; BorneoWild Humic or Fluval Shrimp Mineral supplement depending on your water quality. The temperature should be kept in the 71 – 76 degree range.

The habitat for Cherry shrimp breeding is best if there are a lot of rocks and plants for them to swim around and hide in. Their food supply is also best if varied using shrimp pellets and Algae Wafers as well as greens like zucchini or spinach.

Red Cherry Shrimp Breeding Once you have taken care of feed, water and habitat, they will do the rest. The babies will be born in about 4 weeks looking just like their parents. Cherry shrimp are one of the most popular shrimp for a new aquarium owner as they can tolerate greater water and temperature variation than other more temperamental shrimp, like the Red Wine Panda or even Black Tiger Shrimp. With Cherry shrimp breeding simply sit back and enjoy the circle of life.