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Chocolate Shrimp - (Qty 8) Sale plus 2 extra FREE


Product Description

PH Range: 6.5-7.5
Temperature Range: 64-82F
Hardness Range: 3-15 dkh
Life Span: 1 - 2  Years
Size: .75" – 1.5"
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat: Fully Aquatic 

Neocaridina Heteropoda Var. Chocolate is a refined color of neocaridina.  It is considered stable and non-fading if you get the right lines. This means the Chocolate Shrimp can be moved and you shouldn’t expect a change in color. In addition, they will also breed true, so their offspring will look like the parents. Many US hobbyists may find varying of shades of brown in their offspring due to the relative ‘newness’ of this morph. It is said to have originated in Asia from Cherry Shrimp though breeders are quite secretive about their lines. As with most selectively bred shrimp you will find that the Chocolate Shrimp is more delicate than other species. You will need good filtration and a large tank is nice because it will help to keep the water stabilized. Make sure you have water that is non-chlorinated and free of contaminants. Frequent 25% water changes after the tank has been set up and fully cycled are recommended. This species will graze off of algae on pebble and shelters in the tank. If there isn’t much growth you can feed algae wafers or a high grade shrimp pellet. Chocolate Shrimp also enjoy blanched vegetables such as spinach, as a supplement. Overfeeding is known to cause death so be careful to feed only what they can eat in a short time. Many hobbyists will even skip a day or two depending on the growth in their tank. These shrimp will breed when the right water conditions are met and can be quite easy to get to. Make sure you have a tank that is free of predators and a filter that has been protected with a sponge. They have a relatively large number of babies that are hatched and looking like their parents- if not in coloration then in body. Some strains of Chocolate Shrimp will produce different shades of brown and even cherry tones. If you wish to breed for a true strain then this may be a time involved task. Once they have been established in a tank that is predator free you will see your Chocolate Shrimp moving around, actively feeding off of pebbles and everything else in the tank that may have gathered algae. They are a non-aggressive shrimp but can cross with many other types of shrimp so be cautioned if housing with others. Chocolate Brown Shrimp, as with all dwarf shrimp, cannot be exposed to copper. It is important to make sure you are placing them water that is free of copper, has been fully cycled so has no nitrites or ammonia. Watch any medication you are inclined to treat your tank with as most have high levels of copper. Shipping size juveniles to sub adults

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