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Red Rili Shrimp - (qty 5)


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Red rili shrimp (01:57)
Showing some of my shrips.
  • Red rili shrimp
    Showing some of my shrips.
  • Red Rili shrimp
    Rili shrimp is a new trend in the hobby. I do not keep these s...
  • Red Rili shrimp

Product Description

PH Range:   6.5 – 7.8
Size:   0.8 – 0.9”
Temperature Range:68 – 78 F.
Diet:   Omnivore
Hardness Range:   3 - 10 dkh
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic
Life Span:   1 – 2 years

These little shrimp are originally from Taiwan and came to the U.S. around 2010. They came into being through selective breeding. Species used for this process were the Neocaridinas with several different patterns. In time, the breed became stable and became commercially available. Care and parameters for the Red Rili Shrimp are pretty much the same as they are for the Red Cherry Shrimp. They are easy to care for and don’t require enormous efforts. The can adapt to extreme water temperatures like between 64 – 80 F. but they will not breed in them. These shrimp have to have clean water to thrive, like all shrimp. Diet consists of algae and whatever falls into the tank. You will have to supplement their food if you have a larger number of shrimp living in one tank. When babies are hatched, the food supply must become large enough to support the entire tank population. Fish food is a great supplement. You can also add little bits of quickly scalded vegetables. Variety is good for their diet but be sure not to feed them too much. Feed them only what they can eat in the span of 1 – 2 hours. Anything else will be left over and subject to decomposition in your tank. This will negatively affect the water quality. So long as the water temperature, pH and hardness are favorable to their survival, the Red Rili Shrimp will have no qualms about reproducing prolifically. Females can be identified by their saddle, an area on her back where her eggs and ovaries signal sexual maturity.  Her  underside is more rounded and a bit longer than that of the male. Gestation is between 3 – 4 weeks after which miniature versions of the adults are hatched. The hatchlings should be protected from being sucked into the filter by placing a piece of sponge in front of the canister. Red Rili Shrimp are docile little shrimp. They are happy in their environment when everything is favorable for their survival.  Swimming during the day, scavenging for food, nibbling on algae whiles their time away. They get along with other shrimp species without any problem. They will, however, breed with them as well and without selective breeding, you will have unknown outcomes. Be sure to keep in mind that shrimp are very adversely affected by copper. This metal must not be in contact with the shrimp or with the tank, in any way. Shrimp will die if they are subjected to the chemical release of copper.

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