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B grade Crystal Red Shrimp - (Qty 5) SALE plus 1 extra FREE


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Crystal Red Shrimp / Red Bee Shrimp from Indonesia (00:34)
The joy of breeding crystal red shrimp, half of them are A and S grade. Featuring Ebikuma quatro as daily menu ;).
  • Crystal Red Sh...
    The joy of breeding crystal red shrimp, half of them are A and...
  • CRS.wmv
    A mixture of Grade B, A, S and SS Crystal Red shrimp together ...
  • CRS S grade
    New batch CRS S grade

Product Description

PH range:   6.2 – 6.9
Hardness:   c1 – 5dkh
Temperature:  71 – 76 F.
Life Span:      1 – 2 Years
Size:   1” – 2” 
Diet:  Omnivorous
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

First discovered in Japan, the Crystal Red Shrimp soon gained popularity among breeders. Crystal Red Shrimp is a progeny of the original Bee Shrimp, a name which is still occasionally used for this color variation sometimes. Even though this is a saltwater fish, it now is being kept and bred in freshwater aquariums with great success. The Crystal Red Shrimp: Within this species of shrimp there are many terms used to refer to color and clarity. In addition there are many features, color patterns and other factors that help decide on the grade.  The highest grade is SSS and it travels down to a grade of C. Please note: these grades are based off of rarity of type and color patterns, not health. In the world of dwarf shrimp the Crystal Red Shrimp demands a little more attention to stay healthy and active.  One thing they require is a very clean tank. Because they are quite sensitive to dirty water, you will need to change water frequently. Generally it is recommended to stay on a weekly schedule.  You also need a sponge filter over the canister to prevent the babies of this prolific species from being sucked into the filter and killed. It is critical that pH, hardness and temperature have stabilized before you return the shrimp to their aquarium. Additionally, many breeders report the higher the grading the more particular this species is about their environment, particularly nitrates. Crystal Red Shrimp loves algae. It will eat anything that comes its way, however. Feeding them once every day is recommended and you should only provide an amount they can eat in a couple of hours. Since shrimps are scavengers it is sometimes actually good to skip feeding for a day or two every month or so. This ensures that all the old food is eaten in the tank and it also gives the shrimp a chance to flush out their system. Overfeeding will kill them. Algae wafer, spinach and shrimp food or even regular fish food can be used in their diet. Specialized Crystal Red Shrimp food is also available but is not necessary. When shrimp grow, they molt out of their too small shell. Females can only breed when they are mature enough and only right after they have finished molting because their sex organs are much softer at that time. The best time to determine the sex of the shrimp is when the female is pregnant. The male is slightly smaller with a shorter back and the female larger with a curved undercarriage.  Pregnancy gives the female the fuller shape and this is one way to tell male from female. Baby shrimp hatch from the eggs in twenty to thirty days and are only about 3mm long.  Crystal Red Shrimp are not aggressive shrimp and is very active. They should still be kept separate from other shrimp and fish because they will readily mate with other shrimp, thereby reversing the selective breeding work that has been done. Other fish should not be in the tank with them because they will eat the baby shrimp when they are born. When these shrimp are in a comfortable tank they will come out often and even feed in large groups that are quite striking. Keep the aquarium scrupulously clean and keep all toxins away from the tank as well as the shrimp and other fish.  There should be no Copper, Ammonia or Nitrate in your Crystal Red Shrimp tank.

Shipping size 3/8 - 1/2"


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  1. Beautiful shrimp 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Mar 2019

    Had an issue with order being wrong by mistake. Talked to the dealer by email and it was solved very quickly.
    It was a total delight to talk to the dealer ! He was a totally honest person with a great sense of humor and everything was resolved in an instant.
    I intend to do much more business with him in the future.

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