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Snow Ball Shrimp - (qty 5)


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Snowball shrimps. Feeding frenzy (00:18)
Snowball shrimps. Feeding frenzy, they are really love that food :) Look at my other shrimps here: http://www.shrimp-tank.com
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    Snowball shrimps. Feeding frenzy, they are really love that fo...
  • www.shrimpking...
    www.shrimpking.co.uk - snowball shrimp and a bee shrimp
  • Snowball shrim...
    Look at my other shrimps here: http://www.shrimp-tank.com Sno...

Product Description

PH Range:   6.5-7.5     
Size:   1.2”
Temperature range:  69-82F.                                   
Diet:   Omnivore
Hardness Range:   Soft - Hard
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic
Life Span:   1 – 2 years 

The Neocaridina c. zhangjiajiensis var. white initially began showing up from 2005-2007 and was bred in Germany. These shrimp are considered just as hardy as Cherry Shrimp and are prolific breeders.  They are a translucent, milky white color with both the males and females having the same intensity of color.  When a female is berried the eggs are an even more white contrast set against their translucent body. Besides being very attractive physically, these shrimp are attractive because they are not difficult to care for. They can be kept in a range of water parameters as long as the parameters stay consistent. Though this species will survive in dirtier water than most species, they will not thrive unless the water is very clean.  You will also see better rates of breeding with a slightly raised temperature, between 72-84 degrees. The Snowball Shrimp is a voracious eater and will virtually consume all types of fish food. They enjoy blanched veggies, in particular zucchini, spinach, algae wafers, bloodworms, fish flakes and pellets. If your tank is well established your shrimp will have plenty of algae to feed off of and can be feed as a supplement. If you don’t have as much algae then you will want to feed a little more regularly a high grade pellet along with a variety of the above foods. Be careful to not over feed as this is more of a problem than under feeding. Your Snowball Shrimp should be able to finish what you feed within a few hours. The Snowball Shrimp is a very prolific little breeder. They will produce for you quickly and often given a healthy tank.  Females are nearly constantly pregnant, with it being close to 30-45 days from conception to hatching. When a mother is close to hatching her babies you will notice the presence of eyes in the eggs. Additionally, you will notice the appearance of a saddle when she is ready to have another set of eggs and those she currently has are about to hatch.  Sexing of the Snowball Shrimp is very easy because the females will be larger than the males with a rounded belly. Males will have a straight belly with no curvature. These shrimp are born as live, miniature versions of their parents. These shrimp are very social and non aggressive. They are active in grazing on algae and very entertaining to watch as they move around your tank and plants feeding off of algae growth. Though they can easily be housed with different species of shrimp or fish you should be selective in what you place in their tank because they can cross breed with other shrimp and some fish will be too aggressive to house with the Snowball Shrimp. Next to keeping your water clean it’s vital that it is free of metals, in particular copper. Copper is lethal to shrimp and can be found in many different medications. Be cautioned with anything you treat your tank with when you have shrimp and make sure to ask an expert or look for shrimp specific treatment. 

These shrimp are sent on the smaller size.


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