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White Crayfish. Procambarus Alleni baby qty 2


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Snow White Crayfish (Procambarus Clarkii) at Tyne Valley Aquatics near Newcastle (00:55)
New stock of snow white crayfish at Tyne Valley Aquatics. This species is no longer available for sale as it will survive in the UK outdoors. Over 150 other species of tropical fish available for next day delivery. http://www.tynevalleyaquatics.co.uk 01661 844005
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    New stock of snow white crayfish at Tyne Valley Aquatics. This...
  • Arctic White C...
    Arctic White Crayfish (Procambarus Clarkii) Scavenging. Taken...
  • Arctic White C...
    Arctic White Crayfish/Lobster (Procambarus Clarkii) Face Macro...

Product Description

PH Range: Wide Range
Temperature Range: Wide Range
Hardness Range: Wide Range
Life Span: 2-3 years
Size:   up to 6 inches
Diet: Omnivorous
Habitat: Fully aquatic

These are babies, approximately 1 inch in size

The Pure White Crayfish is native to the southern United States and are a variant of the Louisiana wild red crayfish. The state of Louisiana produces nearly 90% of the crayfish that are eaten in the entire world. They are now kept and farmed for food in many states as well. If kept in cramped quarters they can become aggressive toward each other and even cannibalistic. Most will tell you to only keep one or two unless you have a tank that is 40cm x 100 cm or larger if you want as many as five crayfish. The Pure White Crayfish are very hardy and can even deal with water that is brackish, several ranges in PH and temperatures, as long as it’s not extreme changes. It has even been stated that they will breed in buckets. They are an omnivorous crayfish and will dine on dead fish, slow moving fish and plants. They will also eat dead plant material, algae and excess food. Be sure to feed algae wafers, flakes and sinking pellets so that they are satisfied and not going after your fish all the time. Many hobbyists will also recommend calcium supplements so their shells stay strong. Males have large claws and the females have petite claws. Mature males have hooks for grasping that are located on the ischia of the second and third pair of legs. These are used for grasping females during copulation. Females have seminal receptacles located on their posterior walking legs. When they are berried, the eggs are carried here (which can be as many as 300) until the larvae are hatched 21 days later. Crayfish, including the Pure White Crayfish are nocturnal and tend to be quiet during the day. You should make sure to have several hiding places for them such as logs, rocks and other shelters. If they are in a crowded tank they can start eating each other. They will molt a few times a year and most often will eat their cast off shells, salvaging the calcium from them. It’s very important to remember that Pure White Crayfish can be very invasive. This means you shouldn’t even release just one into the wild. In addition you should remember that these crayfish are escape artists and can even crawl up the filter and on out. Be sure to have a tight fitting lid on your tank so they stay in where they belong.

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