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Tylomelania Yellow Spot Rabbit Snail - (qty 3)


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Product Description

PH Range:   7.2 – 8.6  
Size:   2 – 3”
Temperature Range:   76 – 82 F.  
Diet:   Herbivores
Hardness Range:   KH 5 - 10  
Habitat:   aquatic fresh and brackish water
Life Span:   unknown

 They will be aprox 1/2"-1".They get their origins in the Sulawesi freshwater lakes of Indonesia. It is unknown when they were first brought to the United States whether it was just for breeding purposes or for commercial sales for aquariums as well.  Though these snails can reproduce in freshwater they do so at a moderate enough rate to not be a nuisance. Because they are mostly active at night, low diffuse lighting may give you the best opportunity to observe them. When you set up the tank, including rocks or sand for the tank floor is important. Your snails will feel much happier with this kind of substrate. Other items that will provide hiding places, such as plants, are always a good idea for a tank to give the creatures living inside a feeling of security. It is easy to feed the White Spot Rabbit Snail. They are not very particular about what kind of vegetation they eat. Algae, bio-film and diatoms provide some food sources but it needs to be supplemented to provide all the snail needs. Calcium supplementation is recommended to provide strength for their shells. Fish flakes and pellets will add the extra food they need because surviving on algae alone is often not enough. Blanched vegetable bits will also add variety to their diet. Most snails will require a calcium source to maintain normal, healthy shells. These snails breed better in warmer temperatures. To have better odds of having at least one of both sexes of snails, you should get at least four or six of them for your tank. Reproductive cycling happens about every 2 – 4 weeks, results in the female snail laying only one egg. This egg is white and it has been kept protected in her body until ready. Within about one hour of depositing the egg, a fully formed miniature snail will hatch. They are totally peaceful and will not harm any other aquatic living animal in the tank. In fact, if they are together with certain fish, the snails may end up being preyed upon. They generally pass their time by moving about and scavenging food. They will, on occasion try to escape by climbing up along the sides of the tank. For that reason, it is necessary to keep a lid on the tank. If they fall out of the tank, they will desiccate and die. Keep any copper-containing items from the tank and the snails as they are lethal and provide a lid for your White Spot Rabbit Snail to prevent them from climbing out. They thrive in stable water parameters.  Do not introduce non-native species of anything in this ecosystem to prevent enormous damage to the native species of aquatic animals.

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Product Reviews

  1. great quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2019

    These snails are awesome!

    Good Quality!

  2. Coolest snails ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2017

    Coolest snails ever. Everyone needs a few rabbit snails in their tanks. Too bad they are so hard to find.

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