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Creating A Quality Crayfish Habitat


Crayfish in HabitatCrayfish are among the least demanding animals kept as pets, making them suitable for many different kinds of tanks. Compared to other aquatic and semi-aquatic animals, they only require the simplest living conditions. Your crayfish habitat doesn't really require a ton of different things. You can introduce one of these like the Bright Orange Crayfish or the Dwarf Crayfish into most any well-established tank. They do well in a wide variety of temperatures and parameters.

Different Tank Setups For Your Crayfish Habitat

In still water conditions, such as in a tank without a filter or air stone, they will get the oxygen they need from air at the surface of the tank. One of the most important attributes in your tank is hiding places for your crayfish. A good crayfish habitat should not be difficult to create when using the right materials. Try different driftwoods, mineral rocks, and other items to insure they are comfortable. Just make sure they are safe to use in your tank. Most Crayfish burrow to some extent, whether a full blown tunnel with complex chambers dug into the gravel or simply a depression excavated underneath a submerged rock.

 Feeding And The Crayfish Habitat

Because you have your crayfish in an enclosed environment you will need to supplement their diet. You can do this with Hikari crab cuisine, Hikari Shrimp Cuisine or even BorneoWild Spinach. To keep their shells hard and your crayfish healthy you can also use White Mineral Powder and it will add calcium to the water which benefits the exoskeleton of your crayfish. If your water is too soft you will end up with problems as for your crayfish. You may need to add different items to bring the PH up. You can use BorneoWild GH up to encourage your PH to be at the optimal level. In addition, you should make sure to have a tight fitting lid on the tank so your crayfish don’t crawl out.