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Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding: Is It For You?


SSS Crystal Red ShrimpIf you’ve been keeping a fish tank for some time then you are sure to consider different shrimp as pets. There a wide variety of reasons for this, the first of which is how they clean your tank. Shrimp are scavengers and therefore are apt at cleaning up algae, fish waste, dead or dying fish and excess fish food. The other reason is that they are a beautiful, interesting addition to each tank. If you’ve started with some simple shrimp such as the Babaulti Stripe Shrimp, Bee Shrimp or the Amano Shrimp, then perhaps you’re turning your eyes toward others like the Crystal Red Shrimp. Breeding them may even be on your mind and with good reason.

What Do You Need For Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding?

The truth is you’re not going to need much different supplies or water conditions when it comes to breeding these guys. The most important is stable, clean water conditions. Most experts will recommend you do partial water changes of ¼ of a tank or less weekly. In addition there are some supplemental foods that can help your shrimp fair better and give you better results when it comes to breeding them. For instance adding BorneoWild Spinach will help insure they are getting some calcium and enough to eat. You may also want to add BorneoWild Bebi to help insure your little ones get enough when they are born.

Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding And Grading

You can’t talk about Crystal Red Shrimp breeding without a few words on grading. Many hobbyists thoroughly enjoy this variety because of the chance to learn more about selective breeding and aiming to get the more sought after grades such as the SSS grade. If you are interested in breeding these guys then take the time to read and study grading so you will know what you have in your tank. Also, the higher grades are more delicate so demand steady water conditions.