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Don King Snail - (4)


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Product Description

PH range 7.5-8
Hardness:5-15 Dkh
Temperature: 65-80F 
Life Span:   1.5-2 years   
Size:   .75-1 inch
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

What can be more intriguing than a handsome snail crawling around your tank with a bush of algae growing out of their shell? From most sources this snail is a Nerite snail with marimo or cladophora growing on its shell. The Don King Snail is really no different than other Nerite snails in is care. They need a tank that is on the larger side so it’s stable (twenty plus gallons) and free of nitrites and ammonia. They will also need to have a good source of food which is generally found with tanks that have cycled longer. Be aware that these snails may get a little adventurous and climb out of your tank. If they are out of water too long they will dry up and die. It is recommended to have close fitting lids and to check on them often so you don’t lose them to this cause. These snails enjoy a diet of biofilm, algae, fish waste, dead plant material and excess food. They are excellent scavengers that will make a good contribution to your cleanup crew because they will also leave your live plants alone. Make sure to give additional supplements in the form of algae wafers, sinking pellets, or shrimp pellets. Many hobbyists will offer blanched veggies like zucchini, kale and spinach for their snails as well. It is important that your Don King Snails have access to calcium in order to grow strong, well-shaped shells. From all reports the Don King Snail is in the Nerite family and therefore isn’t able to breed in freshwater. When they do lay eggs, they are unable to hatch. For this reason, this comic snail is well liked among many hobbyists who are looking for a fantastic snail that won’t overrun their tank. The Don King Snail is a comical snail to watch as it moves around your tank cleaning up debris and waste. It’s important to have a fitted lid so they don’t escape and die. Finally, don’t keep your snails with aggressive fish as they may badger them, wounding them along the way. There are two important things to remember with all snails. First of all, copper is lethal to them and can cause instant deaths. This metal is often found in many water treatments and medication for fish, use caution when treating a tank with snails in it. Additionally, these snails will sometimes escape your tank and dry up and die.

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