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Dwarf Sagittaria


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Dwarf Sagittaria is a fairly easy plant to grow, requiring only moderate light. This plant species can tolerate quite hard, alkaline water conditions. Also, this plant species does well in non-CO2 aquaria, although CO2 injection does greatly enhance growth. Either a rich substrate or rich water column with ample amounts of phosphate, nitrate, potassium, and iron/micronutrients will produce the best results. This plant is especially finicky about iron levels and will show deficiencies with yellowing leaves. Intense lighting will bring out reddish leaf apexes.
Planted densely, the 0.5cm wide leaves have the ability to grow to 60cm. Less dense plantings keeps the leaves short, in the 5-10cm range. "S. subulata" is a fast grower, and as it propagates by runners, it can quickly form a dense carpet. Sometimes, this plant will send long flower stems to the surface which bear small white flowers.



Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Moderate
Placement: Mid-ground
Water Conditions: 72-82° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5
Propagation: Runners
Max. Size: 1'
Color Form: Green
Supplements: High Quality Aquarium Fertilizer, Substrate Fertilizer
Origin: Farm Raised, USA
Family: Alismataceae

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