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GlasGarten Shrimp Baby food 76 grams


Product Description

Shrimp Baby Food

Shrimp Baby Food

Complete food (breeding food) for ornamental shrimp

Shrimp Baby Food is a powdered rearing food for ornamental shrimp that is rich in protein, containing zooplankton, natural vitamins, minerals and high  levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, providing young shrimp with everything they need for healthy growth and delivering sufficient power and energy. The content of 300 ppm astaxanthin forms especially in red, yellow and orange shrimp, the color pigments cells from the beginning good, so they may show up in a blaze of color.
      Newly hatched shrimp larvae need an ample range of different nutrients after their first molt (after hatching until the first molt they do not eat anything as they get their nutrients from their yolk sac).
Shrimp Baby Food contains all essential proteins and amino acids that are so important for healthy growth. Highly digestible carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) deliver the necessary energy for molting. Carefully chosen algae, vegetables and herbs supply the baby shrimps with micronutrients. Green-lipped mussels are well-known for their high content of glykosaminoglykans, which form a very valuable component of the shrimp carapace. The multivitamin mixture we have also added provides your shrimps with all the vitamins they need and prevents deficiencies. Vital minerals and trace elements are provided by a concentrate of red coralline algae containing over 50 different minerals and trace elements.
Shrimp Baby Food is a full extrudate. This manufacturing method guarantees high digestibility. All the nutrients contained in this food are highly bioavailable. The powdery micro granules form a fine filmlike layer on all the surfaces in the tank. This is necessary as baby shrimp are quite sessile in the beginning, which means that they usually remain in the place where they hatched and that the food has to come to them. If it doesn't, they risk starvation.
Shrimp Baby Food has been manufactured with the utmost care, it is a fully extruded and 100% conglomerated powdered food. Contains 300 ppm of astaxanthin for more brilliant colours.
Shrimp Baby Food      

Feeding recommendation (per 120 l)

• normally stocked tanks: 1 measuring spoon* once a day • highly stocked tanks: 1 measuring spoon* twice a day
      1 Measuring spoon corresponds approx. 0.5g * Measuring spoon included


      zooplankton, protein extracts of vegetable origin, squid, Omega-3 oil, Gammarus, Daphnia, white cabbage, Spirulia, spinach, rosemary, Nannochloropsis algae, Moringa oleifera, minerals, yeast, green-lipped mussel, brine shrimps, balm, Chlorella algae, fennel, pollen, grape seeds
Additives  (per kg)       Nutritional additives: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances having a similar effect: 2.000 IE E 671 vitamin D3, 200 mg vitamin E, 250 mg vitamin C       Amino acids: 20 g L-Lysin, 10 g L-Threonin       Coloring: 300 mg Astaxanthin
Analytical Constituents       48% crude protein, 9% crude fat, 3.2% raw fibre, 12.3% crude ash, 5.5% moisture
Shrimp Baby Food is available in a 38g or 76g box.       One measuring spoon is also incl. in the box of Shrimp Baby Food.

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Product Reviews

  1. GG's Shrimp Baby is a fantastic product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2015

    I absolutely love this product and so do my shrimp. I've tried to keep shrimp many times in the past and could never get new shrimp past their first molt. So, eventually, my shrimp tank would die off. I first bought the smaller container of this as I was skeptical of it's value. I just bought the larger container as since using the first it's nothing new to see another new young fry shrimp a sixteenth inch or so hanging on my tank's glass, or my moss balls, or in the Star Grass on top of the water column. And, it's nothing to see several shrimp of all lengths now in my tank. I have a mixture of blues, oranges, and reds all in one tank as they were just an experiment to see if this stuff would keep them all alive. I am now noticing old enough Shrimp coming to eat from all three variations. So, it WORKS! For all of the three strains I have mixed together. I will be setting up more strain specific tanks in the near future as I'm convinced this product will help me get new born shrimp past that first molt in every tank.

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