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Green Lace Shrimp - (10)


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Green Lace Shrimp (01:18)
Filter feeding shrimp in my river tank eating like pigs
  • Green Lace Shrimp
    Filter feeding shrimp in my river tank eating like pigs
  • G-lace.avi
    www.ShrimpKing.co.uk Green Lace shrimp

Product Description

PH Range: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature Range:
72-79 F
Hardness Range:
5-15 dkh
Life Span:
1- 2 Years
Size: 2" – 2 1/2"
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: Fully Aquatic

The green lace shrimp’s origin is the Indo-Pacific region, including the Philippines, New Guinea, and Indonesia. The green lace shrimp is also called green lacer shrimp, or green filter feeder. The green lace shrimp has only been popular as a hobby shrimp since 2007. They are considerably smaller than many filter fish, and this, along with their unique coloring, has made them popular for aquariums. This green lace shrimp varies considerably in color, and can appear anywhere from a greenish gold to a dark blue color. The green lace shrimp has fine hair on its antennule pods. Female green lace shrimp are slightly larger than males. Green lace shrimp do well in large, well-oxygenated tanks. They also do best in a well-established tank. Since they are filter feeders, a mild current is good as well. There should be plenty of microorganisms floating around for them to eat. This shrimp also likes plenty of hiding places, so it will be happiest in a well-planted tank, along with gravel or rocks. Green lace shrimp should be with three or four other shrimp of the same species. Green lace shrimp are herbivores, and they are filter feeders, so they will eat anything they can filter. They can only filter small food, so crushed food is an option. They like constantly moving current with lots of microorganisms, and they also eat more substrate than some filter feeders. If they are not eating enough, you can put some algae flakes or powder right into the flow so they can filter. They will also grab food from the bottom of the tank with their fans and eat it. Green lace shrimp are new to the world of aquarium hobby shrimp, and breeding has not been successful for the most part. Presumably, they would require brackish water to breed in. The larvae would go through several stages of growth, all in the brackish water. Only after they are around 2 months old, when they appear to look like miniature adults, can the salinity of the water be gradually reduced until they can be put in a freshwater tank. If the ability to breed is a requirement for you, then you might want to get a shrimp that has been more successfully bred in an aquarium. Green lace shrimp are peaceful tank mates. They spend the majority of their time filtering and hiding, but they do like the company of three or four more green lace shrimp. They should only be kept with other non-aggressive shrimp and fish since they are relatively small and non-aggressive. Copper will kill green lace shrimp. Be sure that you don’t use any products that contain copper or copper derivatives. 

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