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Green Turtle Nerite Snail - (4)


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Product Description

PH range 7.5-8.0 
Hardness:5-15 Dkh
Temperature: 65-80F 
Life Span:   1.5-2 years   
Size:   .75-1 inch
Diet: Omnivore
Habitat:  Fully Aquatic/Tidal

Unique and with a soft underbelly, the Green Turtle Nerite snail can be hard to find. They are marked by the flat, oyster like shell that resembles a turtle. These snails are from the waters of Indonesia as are other Nerites and are popular because they don’t breed in freshwater. Because these snails are excellent algae eaters one or two per five gallons is the recommended density. The Green Turtle Nerite does better in water that is stable and has a PH that doesn’t dip below seven. Too low of a PH and your snails will get dips in their shell and eventually die. They are also better introduced to tanks that have been established because there will be more waste for them to feed on and less nitrites and ammonia. Most snails are scavengers and the Green Turtle Nerite is no different. They will spend hours on the glass of your tank cleaning up algae and biofilm. If you have plants they will eat the dead plant material while leaving your live plants alone. For supplemental feedings you should offer algae wafers and sinking pellets along with other fish food for bottom feeders. The Green Turtle Nerite will also enjoy blanched vegetables for a treat and variety.  To have healthy strong shells you will need to provide calcium in the form of a supplement, tabs or cuttlebone that is sold for pet birds in stores. One of the biggest reasons many hobbyists are attracted to this snail is their inability to breed in fresh water. They will not be able to breed or hatch healthy young without the presence of brackish water so there is no fear of their overpopulating your tank. Since the Green Turtle Nerite tends to leave plant life alone they make nice additions to keepers who are looking to set up an ecosystem. They are a joy to watch as they move along the walls of your tank keeping it free of algae growth. There are two main cautions that come with the Green Turtle Nerite Snail. First of all, like all snails these guys find copper lethal even in the smallest amounts. Be careful when treating your tank for anything because it is often found in many medications. Second, keep an eye on these snails as they will sometimes climb out of your tank and can dry up and die if they aren’t returned to the water in a short time.

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