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How To Find Quality Crayfish Food


Crayfish FoodCrayfish are bottom dwellers so they eat food that would commonly be found on the bottom of a river. They therefore eat things such decaying vegetation, algae, and fish carcasses to name a few things. In the wild they will eat anything lying on the bottom of the river or ocean. In your tank, crayfish food can come in the form of dead plant material, excess fish food, algae and fish waste. In a contained environment like this you will likely need to supplement. 

Your crayfish food can be just about anything but they prefer foods such as plant matter like kale and spinach, shrimp pellets such as Hikari Shrimp Cuisine or Hikari Algae Wafers. Crayfish will also eat each other if they are left too long without food. Crayfish normally don't catch and eat live fish but prefer to feed on dead fish that have already been killed as they are natural scavengers.

Crayfish need to be fed often but not too much and any excess food should be removed. Some more specialized food you may try Shirakura Ebi Dama or Fluval Shrimp Granules. If a crayfish remains soft for an extended period of time or for more than one day after molting that could mean they aren't receiving enough calcium in their diet or that the pH or hardness of the water is too low. Since crayfish sometimes die during the molting process, you may want to add supplements such as; Fluval Shrimp Mineral Supplement or BorneoWild Stout.

It's important to make sure your crayfish food is made of pure and healthy ingredients. Finding the right amount of nutrient balance in your crayfish food is easier when you buy your food from a reliable source. Make sure to purchase products that are designed with the proper balance of minerals and protein to provide proper nutrition for your crayfish.