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Is There Such A Thing As Freshwater Shrimp?


Freshwater Red Cherry ShrimpFor those who have been keeping fish tanks for some time the marine or salt water shrimp is common knowledge. What few people know about is that freshwater shrimp are also quite common. Now you may ask the question, why would you keep freshwater shrimp? Here is just a sampling of the reasons you should keep these shrimp.

Tank Variety

For those who enjoy keeping a tank there can seem to be a limit on what you can have when it comes to freshwater, making it easy to drool over all the fish those keeping saltwater tanks get to have. The truth is there are tons of colorful freshwater shrimp you can get for your tank. Consider the Blue Jelly Shrimp or the Cardinal Shrimp for starters. If neither of these colors are for you then how about the Emerald Green or the Harlequin Shrimp.Crystal Black Freshwater Shrimp

Algae Eating Capabilities

Another great reason to keep shrimp is their fantastic capabilities of eating algae. They will clean your tank of excess algae as well as excess fish food. In addition, they are quite capable of cleaning up dead plant material and even decomposing fish or shrimp. Most people who ask for ideas on how to keep their tank clean will get the advice of employing shrimp to the task. One the top algae eating shrimp is the Amano Shrimp.