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macrobachium lamarrei Qty 8


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Pregnant Indian Whisker Shrimp Carrying Eggs (Berried) (02:16)
There isn't much info about these shrimp online, so I thought I'd share my experience. This was all I could get of her next to the glass as she spent 99% of her time hiding with those eggs. I bought this particular shrimp with eggs. I kept her in her own tank while pregnant.. About a week later the eggs disappeared. I think she ate them. I don't think they were fertilized. Video taken with an HTC Rezound.
  • Pregnant India...
    There isn't much info about these shrimp online, so I thought ...

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Want a shrimp that you can mix in with your fish? This might be the way to go!! macrobachium lamarrei are peaceful but many will go after slow fish and shrimp.  They didn't evolve long arms with claws to pick at algae.  I wouldn't keep them with any other shrimp and I'd be hesitant to keep them with bottomdwellers. Should do great in many community tanks of fish as long as your fish aren't to aggresive. They grow to a few inches at adulthood and will be shipped between 1.0 inches to 2 inches

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