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Orange Eye BlondTiger Shrimp - (qty 8)


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Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimps and BorneoWild Frenzy (02:36)
Half of a piece of BorneoWild Shrimp Frenzy being placed into the OEBT tank.
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    Half of a piece of BorneoWild Shrimp Frenzy being placed into ...
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    Orange eyed blue tiger (Caridina cf. cantonensis) shrimp in my...

Product Description

PH Range:   6.2 – 7.2
Adult Size:   1 – 1.5”
Hardness Range:   2 – 10 dhk
Diet:   Omnivorous
Temperature Range:   68 – 75 F.
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic
Life Span:   1 – 2 years

Buy  OEBT (blonds) Here

While supplies last  8 for 59.00

   1/4 -1/2"

These have been consistently producing the coveted almost black tiger shrimp. The blondes could easily turn blue as they age. Normally don't show any blue until 1/2" - 3/4" size. (They have been producing almost 3/4 blues consistently) Start your own colony with quality stock. Same care as Crystal reds ( see our care sheet ). My stock of OEBTs has been selectively bred in my breeding facility for over 7 years.

Please note that I'm adding more shrimp to this special, but they will be small and not colored up yet. They should start too show shades of blue in about a month, then some of them will start to get a really dark blue a few months later.

I'm releasing a few orders at a time until my inventory of them build back up. Sorry no waiting list so it's first come first served. Keep in mind these will be SMALL side.

THESE WILL ALL BE BLONDS, but could turn blue or their babies can certainly be blue. They com. from our very high quality breeders,


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Their origin is in Southeast Asia. The Orange eye Blue Tiger Shrimp has been specifically bred for its eye and body coloration and does not appear in the wild. This is a spectacular shrimp that is hard to describe because of the beautiful contrast between its orange eyes and its blue body. Just because their name has “Blue” in it does not mean they are all blue. These shrimp come in several different colors, ranging from a blonde color, or beige, light blue, true blue and black. They like to live in clean tanks, so changing water and keeping them clean with good filters is necessary.  A larger tank will also help to promote stability. A sponge should be placed over the filter to prevent hatchlings from being sucked in. It quite happily eats algae but supplemental feeding is recommended. When hatchlings are in the tank, feeding them a little more is necessary to keep them healthy. 
 Having all blue shrimp is not necessarily a guarantee that any or all babies will be blue like their parents. By this same token, if you have light colored Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp, they may have offspring that are blue. However, they all will have orange eyes. These are very prolific shrimp and can deal with water changes very well. Gestation is about 30 days, as is with most shrimp. 

shipping size 1/4" -1/2" They are young so the blue color won't be showing yet or will be a light blue hue

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