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Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp - (qty 5)


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Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimps and BorneoWild Frenzy (02:36)
Half of a piece of BorneoWild Shrimp Frenzy being placed into the OEBT tank.
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    Half of a piece of BorneoWild Shrimp Frenzy being placed into ...
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Product Description

PH Range:   6.2 – 7.2
Adult Size:   1 – 1.5”
Hardness Range:   2 – 10 dhk
Diet:   Omnivorous
Temperature Range:   68 – 75 F.
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic
Life Span:   1 – 2 years

Their origin is in Southeast Asia. The Orange eye Blue Tiger Shrimp has been specifically bred for its eye and body coloration and does not appear in the wild. This is a spectacular shrimp that is hard to describe because of the beautiful contrast between its orange eyes and its blue body. Just because their name has “Blue” in it does not mean they are all blue. These shrimp come in several different colors, ranging from a blonde color, or beige, to almost green, almost red, light blue, true blue and black. They like to live in clean tanks, so changing water and keeping them clean with good filters is necessary.  A larger tank will also help to promote stability. A sponge should be placed over the filter to prevent hatchlings from being sucked in. It quite happily eats algae but supplemental feeding is recommended. When hatchlings are in the tank, feeding them a little more is necessary to keep them healthy. Food can be in the form of regular shrimp food or bits of blanched vegetables. Feed only enough food that can be eaten within two to three hours. Any uneaten food will sink to the bottom and may begin to decay and grow bacteria – not good for the shrimp!
 Having all blue shrimp is not necessarily a guarantee that any or all babies will be blue like their parents. By this same token, if you have light colored Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp, they may have offspring that are blue. However, they all will have orange eyes. These are very prolific shrimp and can deal with water changes very well. Gestation is about 30 days, as is with most shrimp. It is not easy to breed these shrimp. They are susceptible to diseases which is probably from the inbreeding to keep the colors blue as much as possible. Larger size and a curved underbelly is how to tell you have a female. Non-aggressive behavior makes them great shrimp to co-habit the same tank with other species. Keeping the breed pure may prohibit them from living together, however. They are quite active and swim a lot while scavenging throughout the tank making them a pleasure to watch. As with all shrimps, certain metals are dangerous to their survival. Copper is one of the most damaging metals and must be kept away from the shrimp.

shipping size 1/4" -3/8" They are young so the blue color won't be showing yet or will be a light blue hue

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  1. Brad 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2012

    Amazing shrimp! Will be ordering again and adding to my colony while they are still in stock!!

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