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Golden Rabbit Snail - (3)


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Sulawesi rabbit snail (01:23)
Tylomelania sp. orange This is not its permanent tank. It only helps me to make the snail get used to the new water parameters.
  • Sulawesi rabbi...
    Tylomelania sp. orange This is not its permanent tank. It o...
  • Orange Rabbit ...
    One of my two doing what it does best.
  • tylomelania or...
    Die Tylomelania orange ist die begehrteste Ihrer Art. Das inte...

Product Description

PH Range:   7.2 – 8.6  
Size:   2 – 3”
Temperature Range:   76 – 82 F.  
Diet:   Herbivores
Hardness Range:   KH 5 - 10  
abitat:   Fresh to Brackish Water
Life Span:   unknown 

A very attractive, brightly colored snail from the Sulawesi lakes in Indonesia and also called Tylomelania var. orange, this is a pleasant snail to keep. They are as hardy as the rest of the snails from the Lake Poso and Malili systems and thrive with a temperature of around 78F and PH of 7.5. Like their cousins, they have an active appetite and have live babies. Unlike some of the other species from the Sulawesi system, the Orange Rabbit Snail doesn’t seem to bother live plants. They are light and enjoy climbing among rocks, wood, glass and plants in your tank while scavenging for food.  Though this is a hardy snail it will still do best if you introduce it to a tank that is already fully established. The Orange Rabbit Snail excels at clearing your tank of extra food, algae, dead plants, biofilm and fish waste. They are a great snail to add as part of a cleanup crew because they are passive and eat well. The Rabbit Snail will also enjoy algae wafers and high quality shrimp pellets as part of its diet along with blanched pieces of vegetables like kale, spinach and cucumbers. All snails do better when calcium is part of their diet so make sure yours have access to this in the form of a supplement, food or treatment. Compared to many of the other freshwater snails, the Orange Rabbit Snail is interesting and fun to breed. You will want to get a small group of them if you want them to breed because the males and females can’t be told apart. The male will mate with the female to fertilize the eggs which she grows in her uterus until it is fully developed. Then she will deliver one egg which dissolves in a few moments to a smaller version of the parents, ready to start scavenging.  She only passes one egg at a time and at a slow enough rate that this snail doesn’t become a pest. In addition to the bright attractive color of the Orange Rabbit Snail they are a fascinating creature to watch. They will creep along your tank walls, plants and wood to graze off small particles keeping your tank clean. They are generally a little more active at night or with low light. They can sneak out of the tank so covers are recommended. Copper is lethal to all snails and shows up in many treatments for fish illness. Be sure if you’re going to treat your tank that you take care to get something that is safe for use when snails are present.

Please note tips may be broken off but usually regenerate slowly.

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Product Reviews

  1. Pleased 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Nov 2020

    All snails were healthy and one had a baby about a week later!

  2. Super healthy snails! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2017

    All snails are super healthy! Eating well and doing well with my other snails and shrimps! Also has beautiful color!

  3. rabbit snails 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2015

    I have consistently received excellent service and products from elite , however this order of snails arrived with empty shells I kept them for 1 wk. to make sure they were dead which they were. I was very disappointed since it is hard to find rabbit snails locally . I will still purchase my inverts from elite . Cheryl

    From Elite
    Very sorry to hear this. We only pull snails off the glass so not sure what happened, must of been something during shipping. Next time if there is a problem please let us know

  4. Great Snails 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Nov 2013

    These snails were really an excellent addition to my community aquarium. All arrived in great condition. I do recommend next day shipping.

    They are quite interesting to watch as they move about the tank and sift through the sand for food. One of the snails delivered to me is quite active and can often be seen roaming around during the daytime. Another prefers to bury itself in the sand until the lights go out. The third and largest snail that I received delivered two baby snails since being introduced to the new tank. One of those babies is doing great - quite active and moving around the tank. The other does not appear to be doing quite as well, nor does the mother. Both are very lethargic, and I'm not sure of their condition.

    Regardless, I am very pleased with my purchase, and I really hope the site has more of these snails available soon. I'm definitely planning to buy more.

  5. Love this snail! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2012

    These snails are beautiful! The bright yellow is just gorgeous! I love watching them. They are very active during the day. At night they sleep next to each other. I recieved these a month ago in great condition except one of the snails shells was cracked on the end. But other than that they are wonderful! I will definitely be getting some more.

  6. I love these snails! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2012

    So cool to watch in my tank. Thank you very much! Lets see how it does with my Algae.

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