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Panther Crab


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Panther Crab - Paralthelphusa Patherina (00:42)
Panther Crab going back to his cave- Adoped him today- he is getting his own tank with NO lead weights in it!!
  • Panther Crab -...
    Panther Crab going back to his cave- Adoped him today- he is...
  • Killer Panther...
    Panther crab in a 75g tank by itself until i transfer my fish ...
  • Parathelphusa ...
    This freshwater crab is a species from Sulawesi Island, Indone...

Product Description

PH Range: 7.8 – 8.2
Temperature Range: 80 -84 F
Hardness Range: 5-8Kh
Life Span: 2-3 years
Size: 4-8 cm diameter w/ legs
Diet: Omnivorous
Habitat: aquatic/semi aquatic

These crabs are Sulawesi in origin and from the lake Matano, this is one of five in the Malili lake system. They are relatively new to the hobby with many being kept by German hobbyists. They are an attractive orange color with black spots all over them. The markings are where their common name came from. These guys will take out slow moving fish or ones that are sick. They can safely be housed with Tetras, Guppies, Mollys, Bettas or Catfish. Since some hobbyists believe these crabs like to come out of the water it’s a good idea to have a small landing place for them, but is not necessary. You will want to have a cover on your tank as they can be escape artists and you don’t want to find your crab running through the house. As with most invertebrates they do much better if they are in a tank that has very clean water so be sure to keep up on your water changes. These guys will eat all sorts of food, they like sinking shrimp pellets, bloodworms and they will eat dead plant material and leaves. They should be supplemented with algae wafers and sinking pellets. In addition to this you’ll want to offer calcium supplements so their shells maintain their form. If you flip your crab over, the female will have a shell that has a salmon-colored round area with a ‘tip’ at the top. On the males, the entire under shell is white/ivory but has lines that make it look like a butterfly has been drawn on its underside. Most crabs berry in a similar fashion to crayfish and the Panther Crab is thought to have a larval stage where the young stay very close as if attached to the female. These aren’t considered an aggressive crab; however larger, slow moving fish may become a target if you don’t keep them well fed. In addition it’s important to keep plenty of hiding places in your tank for your crabs. If you have several then you should have at least more dwellings than you have crabs. When they molt, they will be voraciously hungry so leave their shed shells in the tank as they will eat these to salvage nutrients and remember to offer plenty of food. Crabs can be escape artists so make sure to have a tank with a tight fitting lid. Never release your pets into the wild as they can become invasive.

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Product Reviews

  1. Still Hiding 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2018

    I must have seen them twice so far. I guess I provide plenty of hiding places lol.

  2. Arrived Alive, Fast, And healthy. Great Looking Specimen. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Arrived Alive, Fast, And healthy. Great Looking Specimen. Thank you for the quality exotic Panther Crab. Arrived Healthy with all its limbs. I asked for a Female in the note because of their reletively more docile nature than males, I Received and handwritten letter with the crab in response, saying they don't sex the crabs normally. However i received what appeared to be a female, I suppose they did their best to sex the juvenile crab, because I received just what i wanted. Thank you Elite Inverts. Outstanding fish service. REASONABLE PRICES! PLEASE DON'T CHANGE A THING. Shop Around all you want. i couldnt find a better deal W/ shipping for this species anywhere.

  3. Outstanding!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2015

    Our newest crab arrived happy and whole as have others we have ordered. I could not think of anything they could of done to insure he arrived in any better shape. The care that was put into shipping was top notch.

  4. Coolest thing in my aquarium! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jun 2012

    these things rock! I thought it would be bigger but still good size and I have read they get much bigger. overall happy

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