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Red Claw Long Arm - (1)


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Red claw shrimp - Macrobrachium Assamensis (00:49)
A young adult and a juvenile in my community tank
  • Red claw shrim...
    A young adult and a juvenile in my community tank
  • Redclaw shrimp
    My video about Redclaw shrimp (Macrobrachium assamensis)
    A young adult Red Claw Macro Shrimp approximately 4 months old...

Product Description

PH Range: 7.0 – 8.0
Size: 2 1/2”- 3 1/2”
Temperature Range: 70 – 77 F.
Diet: Omnivore
Hardness Range: 1 – 2 dkh
Habitat: Fully Aquatic
Life Span: 1 - 2 years

Red claw shrimp originate from the waters of the East Himalayas, and parts of Burma. Male red claw shrimp are various shades of brown, both light and dark, and their carapax is transparent. Females are usually a light green color. The males have very long and powerful red claws, which the females do not have. Male red claw shrimp are considerably larger than females. Red claw shrimp like a well-planted tank with plenty of hiding places. Red claw shrimp are territorial and will find a hiding spot to claim. They are also great climbers, so driftwood or anything they can climb on is good as well. They are aggressive, but can be kept with other shrimp or fish in a large tank. They are a hearty species, and are great scavengers, so over feeding them is never an issue. Red claw shrimp are omnivores so they eat both plants and meat, but they prefer meat. Anything live will make red claw shrimp happy. They enjoy snails and both live and frozen food. They will eat smaller fish or shrimp in the tank, so be careful with tank mates. They will also feed on the carcass of anything that may die in your tank. You can feed blanched vegetables as well as any kind of fish flakes, pellets, or tablets. They are enthusiastic eaters. Red claw shrimp breed in freshwater, and breeding them is relatively easy. When breeding, you will see the male grip the female with his tongs. Female red claw shrimp carry the dark green eggs under their abdomens for about 40 days. She carries between 30 and 50 eggs. When they hatch, the babies will appear as miniature adults and won’t require special care beyond protecting them from predators. Red claw shrimp are aggressive and territorial. The alpha males in particular have very large claws, and they will use them if threatened or to protect their territory. In a large tank with plenty of room for each to stake its claim, red claw shrimp can cohabitate with others. They will eat anything smaller than they are, do don’t put any small shrimp of fish with them. Red claw shrimp will climb vegetation, but they don’t pull it out. You should have a cover on your tank because if they can, they will find a way to climb out of the tank. They will also follow your finger if you put it up to the glass, making them interesting shrimp to watch. Red claw shrimp prefer moderate water that is medium to hard. They will die if exposed to copper, so be sure not to feed them foods with copper or copper derivatives or put rocks that may contain copper ore in the tank.  

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