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Red Wine Panda Shrimp - (qty 2)


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Product Description

PH Range:   6.2 – 7                                                          
Temperature range:  71 – 76 F. 
Hardness Range:   GH < 4, KH 0 – 1    Life Span:   1 – 2 years
Size:   0.9 – 1.2”
Diet:   Omnivore
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic

Selectively bred from the Taiwan Bee Shrimp, the Red Wine is a sensitive morph that is quickly becoming more popular among hobbyists. They are a deep wine red with white and are becoming more resilient than their initial specimens were due to crossing back to the Bee Shrimp and hybrid Bee Shrimp. Because of its selectively bred nature it is important that you keep your water parameters consistent. One of the best recommendations for this is a fully cycled tank and the larger the better. Larger tanks are more stable therefore are better for sensitive shrimp like these. It is vital with the Red Wine Panda Shrimp that you keep their water very clean. Some breeders use more than one filter on their tank and the vast majority keep them in aquariums that are 25 gallons or larger. The above given parameters should be treated as a guide and you should make sure to ask the source you are getting your Red Wine Panda Shrimp from what water conditions they keep theirs in. In addition to good filters it’s recommended that you perform weekly 25 % water changes. Red Wine Panda Shrimp also enjoy plant life to crawl around on, graze off of and hide in. Because of their higher price most will suggest that you don’t house with other shrimp or fish that may be aggressive in nature. Red Wine Panda Shrimp are more particular than some of the other species available. It is generally known that blanched spinach is good for them along with plenty of plant life in the tank. They will eat high grade shrimp pellets to supplement if you don’t have a lot of algae. Be very careful to not feed too much as it will contaminate the water and may kill your shrimp. Feed only what they will eat in a couple of hours and it’s even good to skip a day here and there. Red Wine Panda Shrimp  are able to breed to King Kong, Panda, Shadow Panda, Blue Bolt, CRS, CBS, Mischling and of course other Red Wine Pandas.   Generally speaking, these shrimp will breed when they have the right water parameters. The trouble starts to arise after the baby shrimp arrive. The little guys seem to have a low survival rate, some even reporting only a 10% survival rate. It’s a good idea to check with your breeder about what to expect from your Red Wine Pandas. It can also be very difficult to sex these guys until they are fully mature. Even a berried female can be hard to spot.  Once they are fully mature it is much easier to tell by their body shape what you have. The females will be larger with a rounded undercarriage while the males will be slender and more streamlined underneath.Although the Red Wine Panda Shrimp is a very nonaggressive shrimp it isn’t necessarily recommended you house them with other shrimp unless you are looking to strengthen your line through selective outcrosses. You should also be aware that many fish could be aggressive and eat the young of your sensitive baby Red Wine Panda Shrimp. Shrimp are particularly susceptible to water contaminants such as metals, in particular copper. Additionally, anything you would use to remove or kill snails will most likely kill your shrimp as well. It is best to seek the advice from a professional shrimp hobbyist before you treat you tank with anything that doesn’t say ‘safe for use in tanks with shrimp.

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