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SS Crystal Black Shrimp - (8)


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Painted fire red and SS Crystal black shrimp (01:49)
CBS just arrived today from Mordalphus (aquarliam). Great shrimp from an awesome seller. The PFR have been in the ebi for about 4 weeks now, and were acquired from the incomparable Msjinkzd. Both highly recommended sources.
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    CBS just arrived today from Mordalphus (aquarliam). Great shri...
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    My second CRS/CBS trash tank A-SS grades
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    Red Beeshrimp, Black Beeshrimp and Snow White Shrimp

Product Description

PH range:   6.2 – 6.9
Hardness:GH 4-6 and KH 0-2
Temperature:  71 – 76 F.
Life Span:      1 – 2 Years
Size:   .75-1’
Diet:  Omnivorous
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

These shrimp are gorgeous and well-loved among new hobbyists and experienced ones alike. Their level of breeding can be chosen by the grades you most love. The more you read about the Crystal Red Shrimp and all its various graces the more you’ll want to read about them.  They originated in Japan and really took off in popularity when they hit the states. The grading system is set out to help describe the different morphs according to clarity of color, pattern, and other features. The highest grade is the SSS and the lowest is the C.  Though there isn’t a set ‘official guide to grading’ it is generally understood that certain terms are given to popular patterns in the various grades. The higher grade SS Crystal Black Shrimp can be more sensitive to fluctuations in their environment. Because of this it is recommended that you keep them in larger tanks (twenty five gallons or more) and that you monitor your water conditions. You will find that these shrimp are more sensitive to nitrites and ammonia than other shrimp. It’s a good idea to the best filters or multiple filters and stay on top of your water changes. The SS Crystal Black Shrimp do well when their water conditions are met and they receive weekly or biweekly water changes of around 25%. Your Shrimp will also like plenty of plant growth to graze on and hide in. These shrimp enjoy the same diet as their close relatives, the Crystal Red Shrimp. They will move around your tank grazing off of algae and feeding on any plant life you have in your tank. In addition you will find they enjoy blanched vegetables such as zucchini and spinach. A high grade shrimp pellet or sinking shrimp food is also great. Be aware with feeding your SS Crystal Black Shrimp is to not over feed. When your water parameters are stable and consistently met you will have these shrimp breeding consistently. One of the astounding attributes of the SS Crystal Black Shrimp is that its young will show coloration very quickly. Grading doesn’t happen until they are closer to maturity though. Keep many places, such as plants and rocks for the mothers to hide and their young when they are hatched. At maturation you will be able to easily tell the females from the males by their curved belly and larger size. The males will be slender, with a flat belly. The SS Crystal Black Shrimp is an active shrimp that is a pleasure to watch as it moves around your tank actively grazing on algae and spending time swimming. They are very social and not aggressive. If you are breeding these shrimp then it is a good idea to not house them with other species as they can cross-breed. Make sure to keep aggressive fish out of the tank with them because they will eat the baby shrimp before you even know they’ve hatched. Shrimp are very sensitive to metals such as copper; be sure their water is free of the metal so your SS Crystal Black Shrimp remain alive and healthy. This may mean testing the water to verify it’s safe. Additionally, you will need to be very careful when treating your tank for anything as there is copper in many medications.

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