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SS Crystal Red Shrimp - (qty 6) SALE


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Product Description

PH range:   6.2 – 6.9
Hardness:GH 4-6 and KH 0-2
Temperature:  71 – 76 F.
Life Span:      1 – 2 Years
Size:   .75-1’
Diet:  Omnivorous
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

A mutation of the Bee Shrimp found in the wild, the SS Crystal Red Shrimp is a selectively color bred Crystal Red Shrimp. Mr. Suzuki of Japan discovered a Bee Shrimp that had red instead of black stripes and started breeding for this trait. These are a shrimp that require someone who likes detail to have a successful rate with breeding, especially with the higher grades of CRS, as their commonly referred to. The Crystal Red Shrimp is so popularly bred and enjoyed among the hobbyists that names have been given to the different color variants that are available. The highest grade being a SSS and the lowest is a C. If you are interested in breeding these shrimp then it’s a good idea to get familiarized with the different grades available. The higher the grade Crystal Red Shrimp the more sensitive they are to changes in their water parameters. The best way to keep them is in a larger tank (25 gallons and above) with a very good filtration system on it that is either a sponge or covered with a sponge to keep the babies from getting sucked in and killed. They will need clean water, and weekly partial water changes are advised to keep them healthy. Live plants are a great addition because shrimp like to feed on these and the algae that grow on them. The diet for the higher grades Crystal Red Shrimp is no different than with most Dwarf Shrimp. They will feed off the algae growing in your tank as well as fish food, shrimp pellets or algae wafers. They love blanched vegetables such as kale or spinach. Remember that shrimp are scavengers and not used to a constant source of food so do not feed too much. Many will advise you skip a day here and there with your feeding schedule. Given the right water parameters the SS Crystal Red Shrimp will breed quite readily and prolifically. The young are hatched and look just like their parents. These are great shrimp for both the novice and the beginner because they are both easy to breed and can provide years of enjoyment naming all the grades you get. The females are generally larger with curved undercarriages and the presence of a saddle while the males are slim, with a smooth belly. The SS Crystal Red is a social shrimp that is a joy to watch as it moves around your tank grazing on algae in small and large groups. If you are interested in breeding this shrimp to high grade standard it is recommended it be the only shrimp you keep, unless you are certain they cannot cross breed with the other species. It is an absolute fact that the higher grade Crystal Red Shrimp are very sensitive to nitrite and ammonia. It is critical that they are introduced to fully cycled tanks that are free of these toxins. Additionally, make sure that your water is free of copper. Medications will also have this lethal metal in it so be cautioned here as well.


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