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SSS Crystal Red Shrimp - ( qty 5) SALE


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Product Description

PH range:   6.2 – 6.9
Hardness:GH 4-6 and KH 0-2
Temperature:  71 – 76 F.
Life Span:      1 – 2 Years
Size:   .75-1’
fDiet:  Omnivorous
Habitat:  Fully aquatic

Mosura Grade

Mr. Suzuki of Japan discovered his Bee Shrimp had produced a red and white variety in 1997 and started selectively breeding for this color. They have become quite popular with hobbyists because of their amazing color and the entertainment gleaned from breeding for a high-grade pattern. Because of the widespread popularity of this shrimp among small scale hobbyists and large breeders alike there is a range of grade names used to discern between the morphs according to color clarity and patterns. The grade of C is kept for the lower end while the SSS is attached to the most selectively bred Crystal Red Shrimp. The higher the grade shrimp the more particular they are about their water parameters. Be careful that your tank doesn’t fluctuate in ph, temperature or gets high levels of ammonia and nitrite. Some of the lower grades can take more fluctuation but the SSS Crystal Red Shrimp needs a stable environment to thrive. For this reason it is recommended that you invest in a high quality sponge filter and that you only introduce them to a well-established tank of 29 gallons or more. Keep to a schedule of regular water changes around 25% and don’t over feed and your CRS should thrive. The higher grade, selectively bred Crystal Red Shrimp may be a little pickier than the lower grades. They will feed off of algae, algae wafers, shrimp pellets and fish food. For a little variety and treat they will eat blanched vegetables such as cucumbers or zucchini as well. As with all dwarf shrimp you are better to have yours slightly underfed rather than to overfeed them.  When the water parameters are kept stable and meet the SSS Crystal Red Shrimp requirements you will be in luck and see a fast breeding rate. Problems will arise if the water is dirty or having large fluctuations. Males are slightly smaller than the females and have a streamlined undercarriage. Females will have a saddle and a rounded underbelly. If you are interested in breeding for the higher grades then you will want to learn how to establish the difference between grades and keep shrimp that can cross with your CRS separated. A non-aggressive and active shrimp the SSS Crystal Red Shrimp is a fun, social shrimp to watch. When they are accustom to their tank they will swim around and move over plants and rocks feeding off of algae. They can cross with other subtypes and even species of shrimp so you should be careful what you house them with or you’ll have some surprises. Not only are the higher grades of Crystal Red Shrimp more expensive they are more sensitive to changes in their environment. Be sure to keep copper out of their water as it is a toxin and will kill your shrimp.  Many medications and water treatments will kill your shrimp so be very careful of what you put in your water and if in doubt be sure to ask an expert.


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