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Tangerine tiger shrimp. Close up (00:49)
Look at my other shrimps here: http://www.shrimp-tank.com Tangerine (orange) tiger shrimps are new in shrimp keeping hobby. It's dwarf aquarium freshwater shrimps. They scientific name is Caridina serrata var. "Tangerine Tiger". These shrimps are similar to other tigers. However, they behave more actively.
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    Look at my other shrimps here: http://www.shrimp-tank.com Tang...

Product Description

PH Range:   6.0 – 8.0Size:   1.2 – 1.5”
Temperature range:   62 – 78 F.
Diet:   Omnivore
Hardness Range:   GH 4 – 8, KH 3 - 6
Habitat:   Fully Aquatic
Life Span:   1 – 2 years

Commercially available since only about 2011, the Tangerine Tiger Shrimp is an import from China. It is a hardy species that can adapt to several water parameters which will probably guarantee its breeding and survival success. Clean water is the number one concern with the Tangerine Tiger Shrimp. Since they are great algae eaters, they will help enormously by keeping the tanks clean through their constant scavenging. It may be advantageous, if it is possible, to separate the shrimp by size, leaving larger ones on one tank and smaller ones in another. This will reduce competition and disadvantage. Females should have plenty of hiding places to get away from males as they are more vulnerable when they are berried. Being omnivorous, they eat a large variety of different foods. This makes it easy for the hobbyist to give the shrimp a varied diet. Algae wafers, fish food flakes or pellets, or specialized shrimp food are all good choices of feed. Blanched fresh vegetables pieces also add to diet variety. To prevent the larger shrimp from taking advantage of their size and eating everything away from the smaller ones, you may want to break pellets into smaller pieces. This gives the smaller shrimp a chance at food as well as the larger ones. These are prolific little breeders, producing about 20 – 30 eggs every month. Tangerine Tiger Shrimp will breed with Caridina shrimp almost more readily than they do with Neocaridina shrimp. This will lead to hybrids which is counterproductive to your breeding purposes. The female produces about 25 – 30 eggs every month. After a gestation period of 3 – 4 weeks, hatchlings emerge from the eggs. They look like their parents in miniature form. A week after the hatchlings emerge, the female produces another clutch of eggs to be fertilized. These shrimp are more aggressive than other Caridina. It is not uncommon for a group of them to gang up on a sickly or weaker shrimp and kill it after the molt. They should be kept with Neocaridina and perhaps also with Tangerine Tiger Shrimp of about the same age and size. Hatchlings are probably not safe from shrimp that are aggressive enough to kill their own. Keep your tank free of ammonium and nitrates. The biggest danger, however, is copper. Copper will kill shrimp. Keep anything containing copper away from your tank and your shrimp. Shrimp are very sensitive to the effect that copper has on their system.

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  1. Excited! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2012

    Received the shrimp packaged well with great coloring, hoping they brighten up even more! Going to use them for my breeding experiment.... =)

  2. Very Happy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2012

    Nice to find shrimp that are more rare in the hobby at a trustworthy place. Thanks.

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