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What Do You Know About Crayfish, Freshwater Species


Crayfish, freshwater can be in the same sentence. These are little crustaceans resembling lobsters, to which they are related. Crayfish use their four pairs of walking legs to get around quite quickly, they do not crawl, per say as their name suggests. They breathe through feather-like gills and are found in bodies of water that do not freeze to the bottom. They are mostly found in brooks and streams where there is freshwater running, and which have shelter against predators.

Dwarf Freshwater CrayfishCrayfish, freshwater species are common and can also be found in ponds and lakes and swamps where they burrow into the muddy bottoms to keep from drying out over summer, and they wait for the water to come back. Most crayfish cannot tolerate polluted waters, although some species are hardier than others. Over five hundred species of Crayfish live in North America, and most live in freshwater. If you’re looking for something special to add to you tank one of these guys may be the perfect addition. 

Freshwater Crayfish Species NeedsHikari Crab Cuisine

Having crayfish, freshwater species in your tank can add a balance to the environment. These are scavenging creatures so they will aid in keeping the aquarium clean. You have several varieties to choose from. The colors of the Blue Dwarf Crayfish or the Bright Orange Crayfish will add vibrancy and excitement to any aquarium. The Dwarf Crayfish is non-aggressive and can be kept safely with other species of crayfish or even shrimp. Crayfish can live in any freshwater but putting a species into a tank that is already established is best.

Regardless of the species you choose you should remember to place a tightly fitting lid on the tank as they will sometimes climb out and they can’t survive without water for too long. You will also need to supplement their diet as the debris in a well-functioning tank will soon run out. One of the most popular ways to supplement is with Hikari Algae wafers or with Hikari Crab Cuisine.