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Wide Line Zerbra Nerite Snail - (4)


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Product Description


PH Range:   7 – 8.5            
Size:   1 – 1.2”
Temperature Range:   75 – 84 F.            
Diet:   Herbivore
Hardness Range:   8 – 12 dH, kH ≥ 3
Habitat:   Aquatic
Life Span:   Approx. 1 year


Like the other Nerites, this snail is originally from Southeast Asia where it is quite endemic. From there, it was imported into the United States and is gracing freshwater aquariums with its beautiful colors and designs. It is also a quite useful little snail because it keeps the growth of algae under control, keeping your tank sparkling clean. These snails prefer harder water to soft water. If the KH becomes lower than recommended, just add a little calcium chloride in the form of limestone or broken up marble pieces. This should help bringing up the pH and carbon hardness. They thrive in clean water, so change it as needed, perhaps once or twice a week. Only change about a quarter of the tank water at a time to keep water parameters stable. A lid on top of the tank will prevent climbers from falling out of the tank and desiccating although they can live outside of the water for quite some time. Algae and bio-film are the main staples of the Wide line Zerbra Snail. Because they eat all the time, supplementing their food sources with algae wafers is most appropriate. Tiny bits of blanched vegetables are also a good possibility to supplement and vary their diet. Calcium supplements for their shells are also a good supplement. Very rarely will Nerite Snail babies hatch successfully from their eggs. These snails need very clean water to survive but for breeding they need to be in briny water. The salt has something to do with the success of breeding although no one seems to know exactly what that is. The Wide Line Zerbra Nerite Snail, like its other Nerite cousins, is a very gently and non-aggressive snail. It can try to escape the tank by climbing up the sides, thus the necessity of a lid. They generally eat all the time. Sometimes they blend into their surroundings so well that it is very hard to see them. Do not permit anything that has copper in it be either in the tank or near the snails. It will harm them to the extent of non-survival. Keep a lid on the tank to prevent escape which also can mean death unless the escape artists are found within a short time. Do not set this or any other non-native species free in nature. They can do enormous harm by destroying native plants and marine life. Be a responsible breeder and keeper.

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