Common Name: Water Wisteria

 Latin Name: Hygrophila Difformis

 Plant Form: Stem Plant

Sold as: Bunched

 Tank Placement:Mid-ground or Background

Max Size: 2+ Feet

Temperature: 74-84 degrees

 pH: 6.5-8.5

 Growth Rate: Very Fast

 Propagation: Cuttings

 Planting Location: Planted in substrate or left floating

 Lighting: Any

 Supplements: None needed, but appreciates Co2 and liquid fertalizers

Difficulty: Very Easy

Good for Beginner: Yes Water Wisteria is a fast growing stem plant that has bright green, uniquely shaped leaves. It is a great plant for soaking up extra nutrients in a tank and looks great in any tank. It grows very fast and can be propagated by simply cutting the stem about 4 or 5 inches down from the top and planting it in the soil or floating.