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Zebra Nerite Snail - (qty 4)


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  • Zebra Nerite S...
    Snails are awesome! Song:Eternal Bloom-An Endless Sporadic
  • Zebra Nerite
    Here is one of my Zebra Nerites grazing away on the tank glass.

Product Description

PH Range: 7-8.5
Temperature Range: 65-84F
Hardness Range: 5-15Dkh
Life Span: 1.5-2 years
Size: 1-2”
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: Aquatic/tidal

The Zebra Nerite Snail seems to have come from the Philippines or from Indonesia in general. It is happiest in tropical waters and temperatures. It is a highly popular snail for aquatic tanks because of its pretty colors and ability to clean up algae. It displays a wonderful attitude of serenity to the observer. This snail loves to be in clean water. Temperatures must be tropical. In a pH less than 7 they may be somewhat compromised experiencing shell problems but will do well above pH 7. A lid on the tank will keep the snails inside the tank rather than outside. Once they climb out of the tank, they are able to survive for some time but they need water to keep them from drying out eventually. If you find one outside the tank, put it back into the water and observe it. It may still be alive and happy to be back where it belongs. Be sure to place your snails into the tank in an upright position. They are not able to turn themselves around if they are on their backs. Most Nerites can sustain themselves so long as they have enough algae and bio-film to eat. Zebra Nerite Snails, however, are on the larger end of the size range and need supplemental food. They cannot cling onto leaves in the tank because weight and gravity will displace them.  Algae wafers will supplement their food sources very well. You may even try tiny bits of blanched cucumber slices or zucchini slices as a supplement.Unable to breed in their freshwater tanks, the Zebra Nerite Snail will most likely not propagate. There have been a few breeders who actually were successful with getting eggs to hatch but the young hatchlings did not survive very long. To breed and have viable offspring, these snails need to be in slightly salty water. This is generally seen as a bonus as these snails will not overpopulate your tank. Completely docile, these little snails will become escape artists if they don’t like their surroundings or perhaps just want to explore other neighborhoods. When it falls from the sides of the tank, it will dry out and die in time. They do survive out of the water for quite some time so try to put them back into the tank first before you dispose of them. They are very susceptible to the toxicity of copper. Keep any cooper items away from the snails.  Do not medicate the tank as the medicine has copper in it. When placing the snails in the tank, they have to be placed right side up or they will die. Finally, do not flush them down the toilet or set them lose in the wild. They are not native species of the U.S. and it would be highly irresponsible to cause an upset in this ecosystem.


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Product Reviews

  1. Nerite snails 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2020

    Nerite snails came quickly, were well packaged and arrived in good condition. They adjusted to our tanks easily..

    We will definitely order again. Best of any of the vendors we have tried.

  2. Snails 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th May 2020

    I have not had any problems.They are doing fine. I also have a zebra nerite snail now for over 4 years now

  3. zebra nerite snails 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2020

    I ordered the zebra nerite snails. They arrived in good condition with all four surviving. I'm very pleased with my order and will use Elite Inverts for future orders.

  4. Suddenly Snails 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2019

    Just got my snails today. Shells looked good. They were moving around within 10 minutes. I would have liked an option to buy fewer since I have a small nano tank. They'll be fine for right now since nothing else is in my planted tank.

    Priority shipping came in 3 days, pretty good considering the holiday shipping rush is upon us. Came with batting-style insulation and a heatpack which was completely used up by the time I opened the box. (Highs for the midwest were all near or sub-freezing during shipping.)

  5. 1 dead on arriivel 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2018

    one dead on arrivel other was ok

  6. All Snails Arrived in Perfect health !!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2015

    Used priority mail via USPS. Arrived in two days. Snails are happy and doing Great !!

    Will buy more in the Future !!!

    Thank You

  7. Excellent Purchase Experience 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2014

    I purchased 6 Rams Horn snails, 5 Olive and 4 Zebra Nerite snails from Elite Inverts and was completely satisfied with the transaction. The process was very easy and efficient. Elite Inverts kept me well informed and packaged the snails very well to ensure their safe delivery. I intend to make future purchases from this company and highly recommend them to any potential buyers.


    S. Enright, Columbus, OH

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